Letter to the Editor: The Wizard of La Crosse

The Wizard of La Crosse has spoken and the Munchkins were given the message that Barack Obama was just wonderful in every way and Donald Trump was beyond description. The Wiz had a poll that said so, where Mr. Obama was number eight in the list of best presidents and Mr. Trump was off the bottom of the chart.

The Wiz must have missed the poll put together by Millard Fillmore, Nancy Pelosi and Harvey Weinstein that had Mr. O in second place just edged out by Grover Cleveland and the one where Barack Obama was first with Donald Trump as number 61 among all U.S. Presidents, this poll having a margin of error of 87 percent as determined by none other than James Comey.

A new poll has just been leaked to the Wiz by Stormy Daniels who will fill in for the man behind the curtain when he is on coffee break.


J J Gallagher

Ephraim, Wis.

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