Letter to the Editor: There There in Their Wear

A discarded purse was purchased at a rummage sale in Long Island, New York. It contained the 10 most popular Brazilian recipes and, yes, secret documents with the name of GOP-elect George Santos (aka Kitara Ravache, drag queen). 

Santos had no comment, but Kitara, when queried by the publication Drag-Net, said, “I’d love to have that purse back. It was a gift from Chiquita Banana in Brazil.”

In this era of conspiracy theories fueled by alternative facts, trying to discern fact from fiction is dicey. There are so many stories surrounding the enigma known as George Santos that what I’ve written above could be believable. 

In this case, I made up everything except the latest claims that Santos had been a drag queen. (He reportedly denies this.) I hope it brought a smile to your face on a frigid, gray winter day. The question remains, though: Why wasn’t Santos vetted by the GOP, and more importantly, why is he still in office? 

I’d like to suggest that for the next election, we individually do a better job of researching the candidates, and if their past is suspect, hire a shamus.

Stay warm.

Pete Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin