Letter to the Editor: They Vote for Us! Really?

I see the signs: “Vote for the Democrats – they vote for us.” It does not confuse me because I know they do not vote for me. That sign does not hide the Democrats’ destructive liberal agenda, and if you’ve focused on the political climate during the past 22 months, it’s clear what a Democratic vote means. 

The Democratic vote means to me a vote for abortion, same-sex marriage, defunding the police and eliminating citizens’ right to bear arms. Democrats send millions of our tax dollars and weaponry to Ukraine to arm them in their fight for freedom but want to abolish our gun ownership and freedom. They ignore laws meant to secure U.S. southern borders while promoting open borders. 

Democrats ignore the rights, safety and prosperity of American citizens they swore to uphold and keep safe. They want free education and health care for illegal immigrants while ignoring the health care needs of the elderly and poor. I believe they are responsible for creating record gas prices, inflation rates unseen in 40 years, and food shortages creating skyrocketing prices not seen in more than 60 years. And they did this in less than two years!

Their liberal agenda poses a seriously grave threat to our schoolchildren. In my opinion, teachers act more like cult leaders if they promote leftist thinking by teaching erroneous Critical Race Theory, deprecate the West (American ideology), push ideas of gender fluidity or allow soft-core porn in classroom curricula.

One of the most egregious, unfair acts on a liberal platform is the elimination of Christian teaching in our schools while they allow exposure to other religions. With all of the aforementioned information, do you honestly believe the Democrats vote for us?

Bill Krueger

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin