Letter to the Editor: This Isn’t About MS-13

The Trump decision to separate children from their moms and dads isn’t about MS-13! It is about uniting the Trump “base” around hate, fear and racism. When did we become a country with such cruel values?

This past week the Trump Administration revealed its failure and incompetence by admitting that the “zero tolerance” policy has led to a failure to reunite children under 5 by the July 10 court-ordered deadline.  Out of 100 “tender age” children (under age 5) removed from their parents, only 83 have been matched with their parents and 17 still haven’t been matched. But, of those who have been matched, 19 parents have already been removed/deported from the U.S. and 19 parents have been released from jail and the administration does not know where they are. So 38 children under the age of 5 are at risk of never being united with their parents again! And an additional 17 children have never been matched! More than 50 percent of these children may have lost their families. Think about your child or grandchild; how would you feel if you were never to see him or her again? How would your child or grandchild feel? Afraid or scared? Is this really what makes “America Great”

Can you sleep at night? I know that I hear the cries of these children. I know that we must all keep track of them. Call Senator Johnson (I sat on hold for 18 minutes or I get a recording) and call Rep. Gallagher who at the height of this national crisis (I was told by his staff) had not taken a position on this issue. But call anyway; leave a message; your voice must be heard!


Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wis.

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