Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on Development

I’d like to add some thoughts to LaVonne Callsen’s letter in last week’s Pulse. Yes, many of us worked hard to accommodate the tourism needs and future. We didn’t plan to snap up every piece of “prime” real estate to develop. The thought of seeing people sunning themselves in downtown Egg Harbor is troubling – and the thought of $100,000 coaches hauling vehicles over one of the bridges in Sturgeon Bay is staggering. 

Both my husband and father-in-law, Max Fletcher, were active in the Chamber of Commerce and worked hard to maintain our county’s beauty. My husband, Keyes, was on the Sister Bay Village Board when he passed away in 1993. The 20-year plan at that time was to have a new library where the grade school was located. It didn’t happen, as well as many other plans. 

I began walking up the hill to school in 1946, which brings me to the present job of watering the “village planter” located by the public restrooms. Standing and looking at what is happening at Highway 42 and Mill Road is not a pretty picture. 

Footnote: I have lived at the Scand complex for the past five years, and we are still waiting for a second entrance/exits! 

Ardis Fletcher

Sister Bay, Wisconsin