Letter to the Editor: Thumbs Up Across Wisconsin

When in Sturgeon Bay, drive by the Republican’ headquarters, we’re in the old Sonny’s Pizza building at 43 S. Madison Ave. Note the full size cardboard cutouts of our candidates in the window. They’ll all be on the Nov. 6 ballot, asking for your vote. Stop in Friday, Oct. 5, after 5 pm, for a fish fry and pizza. You’ll meet Andre Jacque, Leah Vukmir, Ron Johnson, Brad Schimel and Pat McCarty in person.  

Our cardboard cutouts will be touring Wisconsin as part of a Risk Management (RM) course you’re invited to take online through my Risk Management Learning Center. This course, titled “Thumbs up across Wisconsin” will prepare you to make an informed decision at the polls on Nov. 6. Hopefully, you’ll agree our candidates are more mission ready then their opponents, and are standing mission ready to accept the duties and responsibility that come along with the office to which we hope they’ll be elected.

Chief Deputy Pat McCarty, I call him the “Duke”, because his 6’ 3” commanding stature reminds me of the lawmen John “The Duke” Wayne portrays in his movies. The Duke will team up with Officer Tony Conti our faculty’ SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team instructor from the NYPD. Chief McCarty will offer the experience he’s gained during his career on the front lines, including his five years as Commander of Door County’s SWAT Team, not to mention his past four years as second in command in our Sheriff’s Department. Ask any sheriff and they’ll tell you, it’s the Chief Deputy who runs the department. I’m one of the oldest certified SWAT Team instructors in Wisconsin, and I assure you, Pat McCarty is mission ready to take over as our sheriff.

Leah Vukmir, our pistol packing, combination of Judge Judy, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Annie Oakley, will explain why legislation that simply shifts the tax burden for health care and insurance from Wisconsin to Washington doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, it only increases the fraud and escalates the cost of both our health care and insurance.

Andre Jacque will highlight many of the endorsements he’s received from law enforcement, MADD, and Right to Life, as well as explain why it’s so important to Wisconsin to reduce our debts, cut spending, and balance our state budget. Three areas he’s well qualified to work on, when we vote him into the State Senate.

I’ve been told my letters are far too long, so I’ve purchased two domain names ( and “Thumbs up across Wisconsin” will focus primarily on the voting risks we face in Wisconsin, while “Thumbs up Wisconsin” will reach out across the U.S. supporting our project to bring down the cost of health care and insurance. Leah’s got it right. Leah’s in depth understanding of our health care system makes her our perfect choice when it comes to driving down the out of pocket cost we pay for our health care and insurance.  


Richard Woldt

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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