Letter to the Editor: Time to Dump ‘Bone Spurs’ Trump

“Bone Spurs” Trump continues his ranting and lies to the troops in Iraq today, even exposing a covert Navy Seal operation in the process.

It has been reported that the silence of Republican leadership in Congress is due to the belief that the strength of our institutions will withstand his incompetence. They will not. His thin skin is first and foremost as he steamrolls those institutions to fit his flawed mind.

He wins at any cost. The country loses. The Art of the Deal, or Trump (non-University) was enough for me to figure him out long ago.

Congress, leave go of your noses, smell the foul air. Pence would be president if you act now. No one is aware of his views because he doesn’t speak, but it’s obvious he is not crazy. We need leadership people can believe in, not a pinball arcade.

Bernard Shaw

Luxemburg, Wis.