Letter to the Editor: Time to Retire Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson said Social Security and Medicare should be subject to annual budget talks, and we should consider privatizing Social Security by investing the trust fund in the stock market.

Social Security and Medicare have been protected from the whims of yearly congressional budget negotiations for good reason. They are different from federal “discretionary” programs. They are the foundation of our nation’s retirement security and a sacred commitment between our government and our citizens. Moreover, they are earned benefits: Americans contribute over a lifetime of work and receive a measure of dignity and financial independence when they retire.

Johnson’s record on Medicare cuts is no better. Just last month he voted against allowing the government to negotiate drug prices for seniors, against a $35 cap on insulin and against a $2,000 limit for out-of-pocket drug costs for the elderly.

During his 12 years in office, Sen. Johnson’s major legislative accomplishment was withholding his support of the 2017 Trump tax cut until congressional Republicans supported his amendment to add an additional tax cut, most of it benefiting himself and the wealthiest business owners. I believe he makes this his priority rather than average Wisconsinites.

It’s time to retire Ron Johnson.

Kris Sadur

Brussels, Wisconsin