Letter to the Editor: To All the Trump Naysayers

To the oh-so-typical lemmings who so frequently vent in the editorial section of this paper, I would like to ask one thing: Instead of merely echoing the worn-out refrain of “Trump lies,” could you please just cite some examples? You and others like you keep repeating this but never seem able to explain what so-called lies you are referring to.

Unless, of course, you are mistakenly referring to the many, many lies Obama told, such as, “You can keep your insurance and your doctor” or “The average family will save thousands” or “There’s not a scintilla of evidence” of campaign interference or scandals. (I’ll cut you some slack and won’t even start with the Clintons.) 

Or maybe you’re referring to the barrage of proven lies told by Biden or Pelosi or Rice or Jarrett or Comey or Clapper or Brennan or Obama’s “wingman,” Holder, or any of the many others in the previous evil and corrupt administration. They boasted that they would “fundamentally change America,” and they certainly tried! 

Some of you probably agree with this sentiment, but – and I know this is asking a lot – please try to exhibit a modicum of intelligence by detailing what lies you are accusing President Trump of telling. Instead of your constant ranting merely because you hate Donald Trump, why not act your age and admit that sometimes the truth hurts and may be hard to swallow.

As another Pulse contributor recently stated, “Man up”! President Trump is telling you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not! Why don’t you just admit that if President Trump found a cure for cancer, you would accuse him of putting oncologists out of work!

Finally, to those of you who claim that the Trump administration’s response to the virus has failed, I ask this: With all your self-proclaimed scientific and medical wisdom, how would any of you have handled it any differently?

Barney Sielen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin