Letter to the Editor: To “My Family”

This year, the third year, I was able to stand in front of you and say thank you at Alexander’s. This year, the third year, I was able to smile and laugh and really mean it. This year, the third year, I was able to celebrate the love and support that each of you brought to the third annual Little Eddie Big Cup. Your kindness, generosity and continued support have humbled me, and I am still not sure, even though this is the third year, that my words are big enough or good enough to express my thanks.

Each year since Edward Strege died is different and change is always hard. I don’t want to lose Ed or to forget, but I also like being able to smile and laugh again. I like being able to giggle at the ridiculous things that Ed used to say or do. I want to hear your stories. I want Oliver to hear your stories so that he knows his dad and knows how Ed affected so many different people. During the first Little Eddie Big Cup, everything was too raw and too new. During the second Little Eddie Big Cup, I was just learning how to breathe again. This year, I wanted to talk about Ed and to remember him. I want to thank all of you for remembering and talking with me, for keeping Ed’s spirit in your own heart and mind.

In the midst of this holiday season many of us focus on joy, peace, and giving to others. Throughout the celebrations of love, family and light, others among us carry great weights in their hearts that seem to get heavier this time of year. I am taking this time to thank you all because you have helped me carry the weight: the weight of missing Ed, the weight of raising our child without him, the weight of the love that now stays with me rather than being given to and received from Ed. Thank you for helping me carry this weight. Thank you for your time, your gifts, your memories of Ed, and for keeping Oliver and me in your hearts. May those of you who carry great weight in your heart, find a support system as amazing as the wonderful group of people who created and continue to run this event.


Megan Erickson-Strege

Milwaukee, Wis.

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