Letter to the Editor: To “My Family”


To those who serve on the board, who donated raffle prizes, who played, who volunteered, I give you my thanks. Writing thank yous has always been difficult for me. I ask myself: Am I choosing the right words? Am I truly sharing my gratitude? Will they know how thankful I am? It is hard to capture my emotions and pin them down with words, but here it goes…

To all of you who were part of the Little Eddie Big Cup and the Little Eddie Little Cup, I thank you. All of you chose to give a little of yourselves to the events and to the legacy of Edward Albert Strege. You gave your time, efforts, gifts, and talents on the courses. You made these golf outings organized, fun, family-friendly, and successful. To all of you, I give my humble thanks.

It is especially hard for me to write this because these events were created to help the Door County community, my son and me. If Ed were alive, he would have been among you gathering and giving donations. He would have been dressed in costume at The Red Putter and at Peninsula State Park Golf Course, and he would have been celebrating a winning hole or raffle ticket at Alexander’s. Because he is not here, all of you have created these events to honor him and to make a difference in your community.

I am humbled and amazed that the death of my husband has brought about such kindness and generosity. His death has opened a new avenue for change in the Door County community. Ed affected the lives of many. He was a people person who lived a big, full life. Edward gave much of himself to others. He continues to give through all of you, because you love him.

I speak of love in the present tense because I love Ed. He is still with me, every day. The memories I carry with me are shared with our son, Oliver. I have good days when these memories make me smile and laugh. I have hard days when memories of Ed bring tears. The Little Eddie Big and Little Cups bring new memories of Ed. Because of him and because of all of you, positive change will happen.

Thank you for remembering, thank you for giving, and thank you for loving.

Megan Erickson-Strege

Milwaukee, Wis.




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