Letter to the Editor: To the Village Board, Fire Commission and Community of Egg Harbor

I have long admired the men and women who protect and serve our community and country. My father was a WWII Army Air Force lieutenant. Anyone who heads toward danger instead of away from it to protect everyday citizens like you and me is a hero – not motivated by praise and awards but performed honorably as a duty.

I have lived in the Village of Egg Harbor for 24 years. I have met many amazing, helpful people. One of my favorites, Tom Mand, gave me the opportunity to meet one of Door County’s special heroes, Dan Kiehnau.

Late one winter night, my son ran into car trouble during a heavy snowstorm. I called Tom right away, and though he was not able to help, he told me he would call a friend, and I could depend on this man: Dan Kiehnau. 

I knew that if he was Tom’s friend, he must be a man who was trustworthy and fair. Dan made sure my son’s car was pulled from the snow and that he did not face being stuck in the frigid Door County winter.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Dan and his family. I’ve seen him on the job as a firefighter and EMS chief. Most importantly, I’ve seen first-hand the compassion in his face when he says that some cases never leave his mind and he thinks about the lives that have been affected. I’ve also witnessed the encouragement he has from his entire family: They understand that being the EMS chief for the Egg Harbor Fire Department (EHFD) is a calling and his duty. 

He, like my dad, served selflessly in the U.S. Air Force. I’ve learned from my dad’s personal records that people need a leader such as Dan Kiehnau. His experience and his abilities to think clearly under pressure and to make quick, knowledgeable, safe decisions help to keep firefighters safe and out of trouble on every call.   

I support Dan Kiehnau keeping his position as the EMS chief for the EHFD. 

Susan Dudasik

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin