Letter to the Editor: Too Late to Say You’re Sorry

Were state assembly “representatives,” such as ours even capable of offering an apology, at this point regarding contrition, none would be sufficient or believable after enabling and fully participating in pushing “Wisconsin Forward” to the very brink of the cliff in the continuing GOP dismantling of representative democracy. Political redemption, that ship’s far beyond the horizon.

While I hesitate to offer the entirely undeserved recognition in merely mentioning his name, Joel Kitchens, with his very own words is reported as having hated to act on something he simultaneously claims was necessary, correct and that he’s fully in agreement with. Seriously?

Followed by his whining that demolishing representative democracy in Wisconsin was the hardest thing he ever had to do as a “legislator,” goes beyond human comprehension or credulity.

Lame duck, poor, poor pitiful me excuses, in no way amount to any sort of apology, nor show any acknowledged remorse for intentional and equally heartless and crass, political flipping off of every voter in this state. Kitchens’ immediate resignation from the unconstitutionally gerrymandered GOP majority dictators and parade of political prostitutes is already overdue. Both “representative,” and “legislator,” are titles he has willing and undeniably forfeited. Based on his extraordinary legislative session voting, courage enough to even consider doing the right thing for Wisconsin appears to be nonexistent.

Donald Freix

Fish Creek, Wis.

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