Letter to the Editor: Trump Bashing Getting Old, Even for a Non-supporter

There were five letters to the editor in the Pulse the week of July 24-31. It appeared that four of them were blaming and/or accusing President Trump in some way for our troubles. Though to be fair, one of them just used the term “glorious leader,” so maybe it wasn’t sarcastic.

I’m amazed by how much power this man is given by seemingly an entire nation being opposed to him. I’ve been getting these giant postcards saying Trump gave $500 billion to big corporations while leaving Wisconsinites in dire straits. One, I had no idea he was quite that rich; and two, how much have Wisconsin’s congresspeople given?

I did not vote for Trump, nor will I, but this fad of jumping on the bandwagon of Trump bashing is getting old. We had many troubles before he came along and will have them long after he’s gone. When I was growing up, we were taught that if you had nothing good to say, then shut up!

Maybe there should be more bashing of the politicians who are allowing the president to do all these evil things?

Peace and God bless!

Don Fischer

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin