Letter to the Editor: Trump Budget Reflects Values

Budgets are moral documents that reflect the values our country holds. This budget shows us the direction the Trump administration would head if he is re-elected.

The newly proposed Trump-administration budget proposes $844 billion in spending taken from Medicaid funds. It advocates massive reductions in Medicare and Medicaid spending, leading to people being denied health care. It eliminates 50 environmental programs, some of which protect our clean air and clean water, while at the same time, the budget boosts spending for sending astronauts to the moon. It proposes a massive increase in border-wall funding. 

So what does this administration value? What do Republicans value? Going to the moon over clean water and clean air for those of us here on Earth? And increased spending on the border wall over health care for the elderly, children and folks who live on limited incomes? Are these your values?

These brutal policies affect our citizens directly. As the Kaiser Family Foundation stated, “Fewer people will be covered and more uninsured.” Under the Republican plan, rural hospitals will be closing. Do we want to lose hospital access for health care in Sturgeon Bay? The only winners under this administration’s budget are the wealthy, and they’d better live in a city so they’ll have access to hospital care if needed. 

At a recent Joel Kitchens listening session, someone told Kitchens regarding health care, “Your party and my party is not part of the conversation.” The room was silent. There was no response, no plan.

My solution is to vote out those who propose and support the Republican budget. I will vote for a Democrat. Democrat Amanda Stuck is running for the House in our Congressional District 8. She advocates for health care for everyone in our district. She has voted in the Wisconsin State Assembly for environmental programs to protect our water and air. She has people-centered values that will shape our national-level policies in the right direction. Check out her website at Let your values direct your vote!

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin