Letter to the Editor: Trump Is the Problem, Not the Cure

This is meant for the person who used our newspaper box recently to express his/her political beliefs in what I assume is a response to the signs in our front yard. Unfortunately, you did not sign your name, so because of your cowardly behavior, I am responding here. 

First, you assume that we want to know all of your reasons for continuing to support a liar and a cheat.

Second, our newspaper box is our personal property and not for use as a receptacle for your distribution of personal false views and propaganda.

Third, we do not practice the same in-your-face tactics that we see as not representative of this country’s democratic history and foundation.

Your overall message portrayed a picture of a party devoid of empathy, compassion and equality for all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race. Somewhere between the lines, I feel that you envision yourself a Christian. I find this to be the most disturbing and glaringly hypocritical message evident overall in your composition.

We have already voted. To us, this election is clear. Our nation has already drastically changed under this president. And not for the better. His “law and order” condones right-wing white supremacists and militia members patrolling our streets. He is the problem, not the cure. He has divided the United States and continues to divide us as no other elected official has ever done. Neighbors, families and coworkers have distanced themselves because of his rhetoric. And yet his Republican party and his base rally around him. So we all deserve whatever comes of this election.

We hope to wake up on Nov. 4 to find ourselves able to breathe again, to live again without seeing him in the headlines, to discover that he no longer has his knee on our necks. It is our only hope.

Joan and Steve Rockwell

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin