Letter to the Editor: Trump Wins NFL National Anthem Debate

The NFL has now ordered all players to stand for the National Anthem and not kneel, or they can just stay in the locker room until after the opening ceremony. President Trump has won his victory over the issue.

It is sad to see this since Trump does not honor or respect the U.S. Constitution or the rule of law in this country. His administration appears to be one of the most corrupt this nation has ever seen. He defames the legal actions of the Justice Department because he realizes he is guilty of many things they are investigating.

He is supported by the evangelicals who profess their Christian faith, yet he disobeys the Ten Commandments continually. The Republican-dominated Congress has no control over his actions, nor do they seem to care what he does. In fact some of them are his accomplices.

They are turning this country into a banana republic where despots rule.

It is illegal for a foreign nation to interfere in our electoral process. Our country needs leaders who follow the U.S. Constitution and care about the rule of law.

Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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