Letter to the Editor: Trump’s Lies Too Numerous to Count

It’s not easy to respond to the Sept. 4 letter in the Pulse defending Donald Trump. It’s hard to change minds. To enumerate all of Mr. Trump’s lies would appear to be wasted time. 

One could start, however, with the lie that President Obama was not born in the United States and continue on to lies about migrants, crime, health care and the current pandemic. 

No, it did not go away, and it is not like the flu. No, we have more infections in the United States than any country in the world. No, Mr. Trump does not have a health care plan to substitute for the Affordable Care Act or a plan to include preexisting conditions. No, prescription drug prices have not been reduced. 

No, Mexico did not pay for the border wall. No, Mr. Trump did not cut the trade deficit. No, tax cuts did not eliminate the deficits. Mr. Trump avoided the draft but denigrates war heroes. He paid to have someone take his SAT exam to get into a prestigious university. No, Trump will never release his income taxes (what does he not want us to know?).

No, Trump won’t condemn Putin or Mohammad bin Salman, who had their critics murdered, or Mr. Putin for interfering in our election (to Trump’s advantage). No, Biden will not take your guns, destroy your neighborhood or eliminate police. 

No, Mr. Trump does not have a policy or plan for the pandemic. Trump cautions us to wear masks but doesn’t wear one himself and then ridicules those who do. He extols unproven cures and treatments. He ignores and belittles his own scientific experts. 

What is the point of listing Trump’s lies? Our democracy hangs in the balance.

Harvey Friedson

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin