Letter to the Editor: Trump’s Results Matter More than Rhetoric or Personality

In a world of imperfect people and parties, I’d like to express why I and many others support President Trump and others in the Republican Party overall. 

Economically, until COVID-19 shut things down, for three years we saw incredibly strong economic growth, rising wages and low unemployment rates for all demographics – including record-low unemployment rates for minorities. As we try to get back to a bit of normalcy in life while taking precautions, we need to support economic policies that get us back to where we were before COVID-19 arrived here from China. 

We also appreciate the fact that this president has dealt with criminal-justice reform and signed into law the First Step Act, giving many people a second chance at life. We support the vast majority of law-enforcement officers who are good people just trying to do their often-challenging jobs, while also encouraging police reform and accountability to address instances where there is an excessive use of force. 

We believe in the value and potential of every individual human being, born and unborn. We believe in religious freedom and free speech, even if we disagree with it. We believe in the Second Amendment: that people have a right to defend their property and lives if someone is a threat to them. 

We believe in peace through strength, and that approach has worked for the past four years. We have two new Middle East peace deals; more of our soldiers are coming home; and we haven’t had any new wars under this current administration. Results matter more than rhetoric or personality.

There are those who want to fundamentally transform our nation, push us toward socialism, erase our history and attack our foundational principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The stakes are high, and I pray that our nation gets it right this November. 

If you agree with these things, I urge you to vote Republican on or before Nov. 3. This is a battle for the very soul of America.

Stephanie Soucek

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin