Letter to the Editor: Truth and Character Matter

As we ponder not only the last four years, but also the last three months, a number of thoughts come to mind.

First, as children, most of us learned that just because someone says something over and over doesn’t make it true.

Second, after watching the Biden inauguration versus Trump’s, the difference in the two messages was glaringly different. Focusing on just two words – “Biden unity” and “Trump carnage” – it seems to me that “unity” means “coexist,” and “carnage” means “chaos.”

We watched a president build not one wall, but many. Unfortunately, they were between us: family, friends and communities. Hate and bullying were the messages. Now that we’re presented with unity, will we take it? Will we live it? It’s up to us. 

Those of us who were lucky enough to watch Biden’s inauguration saw more positivity in one day than we saw in four years. If courage is the baseline of human life, hopefully we will watch our elected officials do the right thing: that is, if an insurrection against our democracy perpetrated by a sitting president is not an impeachable offense, then what is? 

Courage for us – the “common man” – must demand of us and our leaders what truly matters: unity, justice for all, empathy and truth. These are the things that make our country and us great.

Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin