Letter to the Editor: Two Bright Lights

The current administration in Washington has no national plan to deal with COVID-19. We cannot revive our economy, get kids back to school and plan for a future of racial and economic justice until this devastating virus is brought under control and a vaccine is tested and distributed to as many as possible. To get this done, we need a plan. Our country’s future depends on it. Joe Biden has a plan.

The chaos in the White House has to end. Restoring honesty and integrity to the presidency has to be a priority. After watching the bullying and rude interruptions during the first presidential debate, it left no doubt in my mind that our current president is not the person to lead our country forward. Vice President Biden is a unifier, a man of compassion.

It heartens me that the latest Pew Research (a nonpartisan and nonadvocacy group) survey, conducted Sept. 30-Oct, 5, 2020, showed that far more voters describe Joe Biden, rather than Trump, as compassionate and a good role model. The Pew survey also found – by a 17-point advantage – that registered voters believe Joe Biden will best handle the public-health impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

The survey also found that at a time of deep political divisions and partisan antipathy, voters are far more likely to feel confidence in Joe Biden than Trump to unify our country. The survey found, by a 20-point lead, that registered voters feel that Biden (50 percent to 30 percent) will bring the country closer together.

I feel America is reeling from all the chaos in Washington. Our democracy is foundering, and our national unity is disintegrating. For me, this is the election of my lifetime, and maybe it is for many of you.

There are two bright lights at the end of this dark tunnel: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! If you haven’t already voted, please vote.

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay, Wisconsin