Letter to the Editor: Unbelievable

This past weekend, delegates to the Texas Republican Party approved planks of a platform that is jaw-droppingly outrageous. It includes rejecting Joe Biden as the legitimate president, asserting no gun-safety laws, doing away with the Department of Education, insisting that all schools teach about the rights of a “pre-born” child in that life begins at the moment of conception, abolishing the Federal Reserve, returning Christianity to schools, ending gay marriage and calling homosexuality “an abomination,” withdrawing from the United Nations and the World Health Organization … and many others. Even a suggestion that the vote be taken to call Texas an independent nation.

One wonders whether we are living in a fiction novel. Judge Luttig’s words from Jan. 16 are surely where we have landed: that the former president and the Republican Party are “a clear and present danger to American democracy.” 

To clearly and repeatedly lie to the American people, to refuse to answer a subpoena but demand transparency, to fuel hatred and distrust, to smear and bully is not the American way. We have been bought and sold by people who want total control over us, who are concerned that only their beliefs are right, and who believe that the power of the vote by all of us is unimportant.

What have we become?

Kathy Wagner

Sister Bay, Wisconsin