Letter to the Editor: Unifying Leadership

Last week, Queen Elizabeth died. She was a quiet leader with little actual political power as she led Great Britain and the 2.3 billion people of the British Commonwealth. 

She led by example – the most powerful tool of a leader. During 70 years of turmoil, she was a steadying influence, preserving a culture with dignity and grace, never playing the victim card, never complaining about a situation or those she disagreed with. What a great example!

Meanwhile, the political divisions in the U.S. and Great Britain are deep and strong. Politicians who try to unite have little success as the leaders of both parties continue to promote divisive policies and actions. 

Our president, rather than uniting as promised, just gave some of the most divisive speeches ever, calling MAGA supporters terrorists and a threat to democracy. We should ignore this attempt to change the focus of the November election from failed radical Democratic policies to a referendum on the equally disliked (by some) Donald Trump. Let’s instead follow Queen Elizabeth’s example.

A few weeks ago, a letter to the Peninsula Pulse titled “Democracy Matters” [July 1-8] gave a long list of governing principles and policies, which struck me as being largely policies agreed upon by all and not the province of either political party. 

If we agree on most policies, there should be room for us, as individuals, to be less divisive in our political views. We generally agree that key goals of good government are common defense, personal safety, equal opportunity and personal freedom to choose what is best for us without hurting others.

We can all lead by example and vote for policies and politicians who support our common goals. As the negative political ads heat up, let’s look hard at what candidates have done, not what they say they will do. We can make America great!

Mike Clumpner

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin