Letter to the Editor: United Way Board Thanks Community for 2020 Fundraising Support


Let me repeat that: $752,540.60 is the amount raised during United Way of Door County’s 2020 fundraising campaign. Thanks to all who donated to make this happen.

To put the number in perspective, the highest amount our annual campaign had ever raised was $564,000. We had raised more than $500,000 only three times: in 2018, 2019 and now in 2020. Our 2020 campaign goal was $650,000, which you surpassed by 15.8%!

These funds are needed now more than ever to support programs throughout Door County that focus on healthy lifestyles, educational opportunities and financial stability. Your support of these programs will improve access to more affordable child care, dental services, budgeting workshops, substance-abuse programs, domestic-violence intervention, job-training opportunities and so much more.

Thanks to you, individuals will be strengthened and our community as a whole will be more vibrant, inclusive and healthy. Your support is an investment that will continue to give back for generations to come. It is immeasurable and vitally important.

The pandemic heightened our cumulative awareness of the needs in our community. However, make no mistake: These needs were there before 2020, and they will continue to be with us into the future. We hope that we can count on your continued involvement and financial support in the years to come.

My favorite poem is titled “The Dash,” written by Linda Ellis. It speaks of the dash that each of us has: essentially, the years between the day we are born and the day we pass away. It speaks of how important it is for us to live that dash to the fullest. I quote one of the verses: “What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash.” 

Your investment in and support of United Way of Door County shows that you are living, and loving, and making the most of your dash. For that, we are all so very grateful!

Peter J. Kerwin

Board President, United Way of Door County

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin