Letter to the Editor: Unsightly New Retaining Walls

Now that state Highway 42 is open on weekends to drive through downtown Egg Harbor, I was dismayed at the selection of material chosen to construct the retaining walls. I am a retired landscape designer/contractor for over 50 years. I would always try to match any new landscaping into the surrounding landscape. What the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Village of Egg Harbor designed and approved are modular concrete block retaining walls. These concrete blocks do not match the character of Egg Harbor and that of Door County.  

Door County is famous for its Niagara dolomite limestone cliffs, beaches and outcroppings. Many tourists and locals are drawn to Door County because of the beauty it offers. Concrete block will not inspire anyone. 

Slabs of limestone are a local product attainable at many local quarries.  These slabs, properly installed, function as a great retaining wall. They usually are less costly to install and ground cover can be installed in the joints to beautify the walls. Large pieces will not move, will withstand frost action and will last hundreds of years.

Fish Creek and Sister Bay implemented these limestone walls along Hwy 42 leading into their communities. It is unfortunate that Egg Harbor chose the modular concrete block walls for the village. 

David Polich

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin