Letter to the Editor: Unvaccinated People Causing Unnecessary Suffering

There is much misinformation everywhere about the COVID-19 vaccines and the disease. 

I have been practicing medicine at Door County Medical Center for the past 28 years. I have been in health care for 44 years. Believe me that nearly all of our COVID-19 admissions at Door County Medical Center have been unvaccinated people. Rarely do we see a vaccinated patient who’s sick enough to be admitted. We know that vaccinated people can still get sick with COVID-19, but the degree of illness does not put people in the hospital. 

I plead with all unvaccinated people to get the vaccine and take the booster if you have not done it already. Much suffering is unnecessary. Please do it for yourself and your families and neighbors.

Richard A. Hogan, M.D.

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin