Letter to the Editor: Vigilante Vandalism in Sturgeon Bay?

At approximately 10:30 am on Dec. 23, we parked our bright blue Colorado truck to the right of the front door of Tadych’s MarketPlace on 14th Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. We came out of the store at 11 am. During that half hour, someone had taken a small object and punched a hole in the cover of our right-rear brake light. The damage does not sound like much, but the entire housing component must be replaced, and I must take the car to our dealer in Milwaukee using time I do not have.

We cannot know why we were targeted. I talked to Tadych’s staff later, and I am concerned that we had inadvertently parked in a disabled parking spot, so someone decided to punish us. The disabled parking signs had been removed from the parking lot due to extremely high winds. Everything was covered in snow, and without the signs, we could not know whether we were parking in a disabled spot or not. 

I filed a police report, and I would appreciate it if anyone who saw the incident would call the Sturgeon Bay Police Department to report what they saw. Ironically, I had surgery recently, and I possess a temporary disabled hang tag that I do not use because I do not feel I need to take up a spot that someone else might need.

Next time, I hope the vandal calls the police if they see something they think is wrong. Vandalism is a Class A misdemeanor in Wisconsin.

Nancy S. Morris

Milwaukee and Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin