Letter to the Editor: Vote for Avenson

I have attended numerous city council meetings and committee meetings as a means of staying informed of city business. In my opinion, our local government has looked more and more to the courts and not the courts of public opinion to resolve situations. As a taxpayer, I choose the less expensive route. That method includes using public involvement, divergent opinions and compromise, referred to as the “messy” democratic  process.

I have had the privilege of knowing Kelly Avenson for several years and had the opportunity to assess her commitment to the community, ​commonsense approach to situations and respect for diverse opinions.

​ Kelly Avenson is that young person that organizations look for when they ask “How can we get young people involved?” Kelly has an understanding and deep respect for what our city has achieved and where we are currently and the intelligence to help us invest our energies for the benefit of the future generations. Kelly Avenson is a breath of fresh air and the city would be wise to use her qualities.

Vote Kelly Avenson for City Council.   

Richard I. Allmann

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.     

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