Letter to the Editor: Vote for Brian Hagedorn

Judge Brian Hagedorn is being attacked in negative, nasty ads being run by an outside group. He is accused of receiving money from a “hate group.” That would be the $3,000 Alliance Defense Fund paid him for three speeches.

And why is Alliance Defense Fund a hate group? Because Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) says so. SPLC was once a respected organization, but now they list people and organizations that don’t agree with their politics as haters. The shooter that attacked Family Research Council picked his target from their list. Our military no longer considers SPLC a reliable source of information.

Judge Hagedorn is being accused of being a Christian. The school he founded has standards that some don’t agree with. The school doesn’t attack those that don’t agree, they just exclude any who won’t commit to that standard. Don’t we wish every religion and organization would do that?

Freedom of religion doesn’t mean others are free to believe what you believe. It means you tolerate others who have different beliefs.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, while Lisa Neubauer has been critical of outside groups getting involved in elections, she hasn’t said she wants those funding the nasty ads to stop running them. She is not living up to her own standards.

I urge voters to cast their ballots for Judge Brian Hagedorn.

Vivian Nienow

Sister Bay, Wis.