Letter to the Editor: Vote for Darrick DeMeuse for County Board

As a long-term resident and home owner in District 14, I would like to give my unequivocal endorsement of Mr. Darrick DeMeuse. I endorse his candidacy for many reasons, and I’m certain that others who live in the county, especially District 14, would enjoy having Darrick represent us as one of our county supervisors.

Firstly, he’s dedicated and passionate about improving the county’s infrastructure. He would be a great steward of county resources. I have seen it firsthand with his role at the Town of Sevastopol by working within local government.

Secondly, he’s a lifelong resident who grew up in the Sevastopol area. He has intimate knowledge of the issues and challenges that our community faces.

Lastly, Darrick is a great listener and takes the time to hear all sides of an issue before making a decision. His critical thinking would benefit the county board, making sure that our county is moving forward in the best way possible.

I urge District 14 voters to tick the box next to Darrick DeMeuse’s name on April 5. He would make a wonderful county supervisor for our district and the Door County area.

Dustin T. Overbeck

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin