Letter to the Editor: Vote for Democrats

I think Tim Michels is confused and that he thinks the state of Wisconsin is his construction company, and that Tony Evers is a lifelong politician (instead of the lifelong educator and administrator that he actually is). 

Michels is wholeheartedly on board with the Trump era’s belief of “Whatever we can get away with!”

And Ron Johnson. Well, I don’t think he’s been in Wisconsin much, except maybe for Trump rallies. He’s been “working” in Washington for 12 years as a Wisconsin senator, spending a lot of time in Ukraine and China. So this mess of the past few years is on him. His time is up, as he “promised” more than 12 years ago! Johnson is part of the problem, not the solution.

Ron Johnson and Tim Michels want to force a girl you know to carry her rapist’s baby to birth. I don’t think they care whether classrooms of our children are massacred so that fearful adults can sleep with their guns.

Joel Kitchens? He claims to care about Democratic causes, yet he’s still running as a Republican. Birds of a feather.

Isn’t that all we voters need to know about them?

Ignore the constant divisive, fear-appealing, Republican finger pointing. Please vote for Democrats – democracy’s only hope! They do indeed care about what’s best for most of us.

Diane Evenson

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin