Letter to the Editor: Vote for Laurel Hauser

Laurel and I crossed paths over 12 years ago when I was mayor of Sturgeon Bay from 2007 through 2010. She dedicated much time and effort while serving on the city planning commission. I believe her focus was and will continue to be a person that rolls up her sleeves and gets the work done. Her commitment to the city of Sturgeon Bay will be making responsible decisions while keeping the best interest of all citizens in mind.

I would characterize Laurel as a leader, collaborator/team player, and a respectful, ethical, moderate, intelligent, thoughtful and caring person to name a few.

I thank God that there are citizens, like Laurel and others, past and present, that are willing to voluntarily do the work necessary to allow a functioning city government.

In conclusion, please vote for Laurel Hauser this April 2. She is a proven, hard-working, Alderperson. She has my vote and confidence!

Tom Voegele

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.