Letter to the Editor: Vote for Lisa Neubauer for Supreme Court

On April 2nd there is a statewide election to elect a new Supreme Court Justice. It’s an important one, and we should all get to the polls and cast our votes.

Judge Lisa Neubauer is running for this seat. She has spent the last 10 years as an Appeals Court Judge. Lisa Neubauer has the experience and the temperament for the responsibilities of the bench. She has the reputation of being an independent, impartial and fair-minded jurist. Judge Neubauer is endorsed by 330 former and current judges.

One important issue that will be coming up and may end up in the Wisconsin Supreme Court is how our state is going to draw our voting districts in 2021. Will it be the old gerrymandered method? Or will it be fair and impartial, done by a nonpartisan, independent commission, based on the Iowa plan?

Given Judge Neubauer’s reputation for objectivity and fairness, I would like her to be on the bench for this possibility. I would like new voting maps that are fair and non-partisan. Plus, I value Judge Neubauer’s experience and judicial temperament in making rulings on all the cases that our Supreme Court will be hearing in the years to come.

If you value a Wisconsin Supreme Court that is impartial and fair and that will represent all the citizens of our state, please vote for Judge Lisa Neubauer. Your vote counts. So let’s all vote April 2, or vote early March 18-March 29.

Stefan Peters

Sister Bay, Wis.