Letter to the Editor: Vote for Supreme Court Justice

Does it matter to you who becomes a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice in the April 4 election? If you care about voting rights for all, ending gerrymandering, environmental protection and restoring abortion decisions to women and their doctors for appropriate medical care, I believe you would say, “Yes!”

Our Wisconsin Supreme Court is likely to have the last word on these issues of great importance. We must make every effort to elect fair-minded, competent and non-extreme individuals to decide the cases that will continue to affect us long into the future.

Supreme Court justices serve 10-year terms. Do citizens of Wisconsin want to keep the current, markedly conservative majority, whose decisions have restricted voting access and allowed extremely gerrymandered voting maps? Or will we care enough to vote for a new majority that will make decisions based on the Wisconsin Constitution and responsive, equal government for all citizens? 

I urge you to vote in the primary election Feb. 21, which will determine who is on the ballot in the spring general election. Then, vote on April 4. We need our united voices to be heard in choosing a new Wisconsin Supreme Court justice for a 10-year term. 

Karen Wilson

Fish Creek, Wisconsin