Letter to the Editor: Vote No


Twelve years ago the Village of Sister Bay implemented a 20 Year Comprehensive Plan, Ordinance 03-06. This plan has been used to guide the village in its vision, growth and land use towards making Sister Bay a peaceful and enjoyable community for families to live in northern Door County with its many amenities and also as a premier tourism destination.

Sister Bay offers so much to the livelihood of its growing residential and business population and has great potential for expanding its tourism trade. When the village has the 20 Year Comprehensive Plan to direct land use, it is confusing that the village would consider a text change in its zoning code to allow the operation of a second quarry contrary to its land use plan.

The beginning of Ordinance 03-06 declares: “To provide a safe, clean, and orderly natural environment for the residents of the Village of Sister Bay.” The plan further cites in Chapter 3: “Carefully regulate development that has the potential to adversely affect the assessed value or livability of neighboring residential properties.” And Chapter 4 mentions steering incompatible uses away from the village’s residential areas.

The plan proclaims in Chapter 8: “The village has not allocated any land for industrial use in the 2020 General Plan Design. The village does not wish to encourage industrial uses within the village. The village has recommended that any future light industry locate outside the village…” Furthermore the village’s 2020 General Plan Design Acreage Calculations, Table 8.2, has no listing for Industrial Use.

To summarize the above, Sister Bay “does not wish to encourage” industrial uses as stated in Ordinance 03-06 and has even “recommended” relocating light industrial uses outside the village. A general theme throughout this ordinance is the village will provide a pleasant, safe, healthy and habitable environment for all residents, businesses and tourists by following its land use plan.

Directions for using this Comprehensive Plan are specific: “Consult this plan before making any decision regarding land use and land use policies by the Plan Commission, Village Board, and other units of government.” Instructions continue in The Introduction: “The General Plan Design, contained within this chapter, identifies the wishes of the community, on how development should occur within the plan’s timeframe and it provides direction to residents, the business community and government officials. The General Plan Design will serve as a detailed guide to the members of the Village Board in their decision making process.”

The 20 Year Comprehensive Plan was designed by 60 hard-working village residents and has served the village well since its implementation. The village’s residential areas, businesses and tourism have flourished from the plan’s vision. This plan will continue to guide and direct the future growth of Sister Bay.

Amending the text in the existing zoning code would be contrary to the village’s land use plan and also negatively impact our community’s future growth. A second quarry should not be allowed. I urge the Board of Trustees to follow the directives in the 20 Year Comprehensive Plan, support the residents of the Village of Sister Bay, and vote “no” to the proposed zoning text change.

Mary Musinsky

Sister Bay, Wis.

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