Letter to the Editor: Vote Sevastopol, Vote

How did a political subdivision get the name Sevastopol, the population was mostly German and Norwegians? It was first named Loueryville. At the first town meeting they decided on Sevastopol instead. Martin Simon had read the name in a paper and everybody liked it. An old city located in the Crimea, the name passed unanimously. Nobody knew what the word meant. Now we know it means “the place of glory,” how appropriate.

Joseph Zettel planted the first apple trees. The fruit was so perfect it won a prize at the State Fair. Planted in Sevastopol!

Molton Goff planted Montmorency Cherries, a perfect fit for our soil and temperature. By 1950 Sevastopol had a 2,000-acre orchard plus many smaller ones, it became known as the largest cherry producing town in the U.S. All in Sevastopol, “the place of glory.”

The best was yet to come. Consolidated in 1918, Sept. 1, 1923 Sevastopol Consolidated School was opened, after eight small one-room schools came together to improve the educational opportunities for all children in the town. (No recalls presented.) Sevastopol was the first rural consolidated school district in the U.S.! Of course, we have had our ups and downs we always ended better and smarter. Today, we are recognized as one of 500 best schools in the nation. A reflection on the good people that supported and operated, “the place of glory.”

Currently, we are having an episode brought on by a recall referendum. The right to recall is a fundamental right of our democratic government, don’t even need a good provable motive, a simple grudge will do. Our case, brought against two School Board members, whose only crime is sharing time and talent unselfishly to help make us one of 500 best schools even better.

The charges are unprovable, not one shred of evidence was ever presented. The whole thing isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. The staff people are gone, all that remains are a few bruised egos, they will heal, and $8-$15,000 polling place cost. That will come from some educational budget and our taxes.

So please vote for Sue Todey and Bill Behme Aug. 23 at your polling place. Sevastopol, a place of glory.


George Evenson

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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