Letter to the Editor: Voting for Clean Air and Water

I was told as a small business owner that it would be detrimental to my business to speak up regarding politics. However, with the lake only a few blocks away from both our home and our business I feel compelled to voice my opinion. Our family moved to Algoma, Wis., to live and start a business over two years ago. We were drawn to the small community, the historic charm, the walkability, and the amazing public beach along Lake Michigan.

Our family chose to live here because we love it – just as Lynn Utesch and his family. We have to fight for clean water – we have one of the largest sources of fresh water in the world (something we will all soon be fighting for in the not-so-distant future) – and for some reason it is easy to ignore. I walk the shore of Lake Michigan daily and the algae bloom this summer was terrible. This huge body of gorgeous water and sky is always at the forefront of my mind. As an artist I’m inspired by it daily.

We also have two special needs kids with sensitive health issues. They depend on clean air to breathe – which has been threatened by large CAFOs spraying manure. Everyone in town complained about it this past spring. We will be voting for Lynn and for clean water and air.

Not only does our tourism and livelihood depend on it but the health and wellbeing of our children. The lake is everything to us. It scares me to think of the future of this area. We have invested everything we have into this town and we want to see it thrive.

I wish we could do more and fight harder against the large corporations and our current governor that don’t have our best interests in mind, but I am glad that Lynn is fighting on our behalf. Our county and the peninsula depend on it. Get out and vote!


Kendra Bulgrin, director, James May Gallery

Algoma, Wis.

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