Letter to the Editor: “W” Would Be a Blessing Today

I’ve just read the article written by Debra Fitzgerald asking for “political objectives people would like to see achieved,” so I’m going to try to define what I would like to see in a president.

Number one is that the president – merely because of a president’s title and stature – deserves our respect, whether we voted for him/her or not. I never thought the president needed to earn this respect until Donald Trump was elected. Why would anyone vote for someone they didn’t respect? 

I would like to see us return to a president who is intelligent, kind, concerned about world affairs and the environment, and, most importantly, honest. We have not seen any of this in Donald Trump. Our national debt is going to destroy this country while he gets richer by using his title to build his business. 

The president we elect should work to improve the reputation of this country throughout the world, not by kissing up to world leaders who have demonstrated that they wish to destroy our democracy, but by building peaceful, working relationships with our allies. Calling other world leaders (and any other person who disagrees with him) insulting names does nothing to show the world we deserve to be the powerful country we have always been. Our president should be someone who can travel the world and be cheered, not jeered. 

And lastly, we should be able to trust and believe whatever the president says to us. How can we feel safe if we can’t trust our president: the one person who should be looking out for the well-being of all of us?

The Dixie Chicks once said they were embarrassed that George W. Bush was our president, and the country was in an uproar for weeks. Today “W” would be a blessing.

Marianne Roppuld

Ephraim, Wisconsin