Letter to the Editor: Walls Work

What a difference a few years can make when discussing walls, fences and barriers. When President Trump proposed a barrier mostly in Texas, near the Rio Grande, Democrats both in Washington, D.C., and Door County went ballistic. With all the political blather and dozens of lawsuits, it’s kind of amazing that he got more than 400 miles completed. 

Fast-forward to the summer of 2020, when Trump saw all the “peaceful protests” and offered fences and National Guard troops to protect federal property – all of which was vehemently denied by ultra-liberal mayors and blue-state governors. Too bad the mayor of D.C. didn’t heed that vital advice before Jan. 6, 2020! 

With all the tens of billions of dollars this country spends per year on both electronic and human intelligence, what happened before Jan. 6 is the true national disgrace. Looking at the wall now around the Capitol grounds and the thousands of National Guard troops on site, one just might wonder, “What the hell is going on?”

Even Minneapolis has finally come to its senses and is building a fortified fence to protect the city with the big trial coming up. 

So walls don’t work, huh? Russia built quite a wall in East Berlin, Germany, back in 1946-47 – not to keep people out, but to keep them in! Let’s not forget the most magnificent wall of all in Communist China. That dictator doesn’t seem to have any problems building walls to incarcerate millions of Muslim Uighurs. Maybe we should contract the Chinese to build us a wall in Texas to keep the Mexican drug cartels from shipping huge amounts of garbage drugs to big-city street gangs. Now that sounds like a good idea!

Chuck Irwin

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin