Letter to the Editor: We Can’t Vote, But We Support Referendum

We adore our Door County home in Jacksonport, and we keep abreast of the conditions that impact our adopted community.

We pay taxes, knowing that they go to provide essential services, including quality schools, for the residents of Door County. Realistically, an excellent school like Sevastopol adds value to our vacation home.

Although we cannot vote Nov. 6 on the Sevastopol referenda, we urge the passage of both. We look at our support as a way to show our Jacksonport neighbors and friends that we care about them and their children.

The taxes assessed on the many cottages, seasonal homes and condominiums owned by non-residents contribute mightily to keep Door County thriving. If you are a non-resident, like us, please don’t begrudge an increase in your property taxes. Instead, appreciate all that your Door County home means to you and graciously share your blessings.


Lee and Joy St. John

Jacksonport, Wis.

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