Letter to the Editor: We Don’t All Have to Agree in a Democracy

While I appreciate last week’s letter writer who called us to “get along together,” I must respond with the argument that democracy is not designed for such a goal. Democracy provides a process for those with vastly differing views to come to a solution that addresses the problem at hand. No one gets all they want; some get none of what they want. But the process, properly implemented, gives us laws and policies we can live with. And there is no saying an issue will be finally settled as circumstances and attitudes are in a constant flux and the next election comes all too soon.

What we must agree to is that the institutions we have created to implement the process – legislatures, election procedures and justice administration – are valuable and necessary. When voices appear that claim our democratic republic no longer serves our needs because we don’t like the results, that’s where the dangers lie. The signs the writer pointed out about which party better serves the people are countered by signs that imply only one party supports freedom – that’s American politics. Misinformed challenges made to the basic integrity of the people and systems that serve to protect our people and our freedoms erode the very foundation of our nation.  

Rev. Mark Richards

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin