Letter to the Editor: We Must Vote Out a Dangerous President and His Allies

After Trump’s acquittal by the GOP Senate, Adam Schiff posed a hypothetical question: What if Trump would decide to sell Alaska to the Russians? Let’s take it one step further: What if Trump would decide to drop a nuclear bomb on North Korea and start a worldwide nuclear holocaust? 

Trump will consider his acquittal as a license to do anything he wants, and who will stand in his way? With the exception of a courageous Mitt Romney, it won’t be the cowardly U.S. Senate.

We have spent weeks in a shame trial arguing whether Trump did anything wrong, but the joke is on us. Trump doesn’t know – and has never known – right from wrong. Starting with his father’s millions, he was able to pay his way out of any trouble, be it financial or moral.

Trump’s claim to fame is a healthy economy buoyed by tax cuts resulting in a deficit to be borne by future generations. Millions are affected by the GOP war on affordable health care; millions struggle with low-paying jobs; and thousands struggle at our southern border, suffering because of cruel immigration policies. We are experiencing the effects of a declining environment, but in the interest of higher profits, Trump has wreaked havoc with environmental regulations.

American voters must look beyond their own selfish interests. In the next election, we must remove not only a dangerous president but also the McConnells and Johnsons who have sacrificed the welfare of their constituents for their own political futures.

George Krall

La Crosse, Wisconsin