Letter to the Editor: We Need More Integrity, Compassion

We’re now seeing what the Republican health care bill looks like, and it’s not a pretty picture. Here’s why:

  1. Millions of American will lose their health care insurance, and others will find their health care benefits drastically reduced.
  2. This bill permits states to place those with pre-existing conditions into a high-cost pool that could make insurance unaffordable.
  3. This bill allows insurance companies to charge older Americans higher rates.
  4. It will provide less money to fight the opioid crisis that exists throughout the U.S., including Wisconsin.

I find this Republican health care bill unacceptable, and so does our Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. Senator Baldwin does not support this current health care bill and will continue to fight for Wisconsin’s working families. As her record shows, she is willing to work across the aisle on bipartisan committees and on legislation that will make life better for all Wisconsinites.

Senator Baldwin has stated that, “The people of Wisconsin did not send me to Washington to take people’s health care away. I am going to fight to protect the health care people have today, and I will continue my work to make it more affordable, not more costly.” This is a senator with integrity, intelligence and compassion. Thank you, Senator Baldwin.


Glenna Peters

Sister Bay, Wis.

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