Letter to the Editor: Wearing a Mask Offers Protection for Self and Others

Regarding Sharon Thill’s letter, “Why I Don’t Wear a Mask” (Feb. 5, 2021), it is unfortunate that someone with Ms. Thill’s persistence, determination and research savvy does not devote her efforts to a topic that’s more useful than the defense of not wearing a mask during COVID-19.

The truth is that wearing a mask is no big deal. It’s a minor inconvenience – uncomfortable initially but easily adapted to. And though not foolproof, if wearing a mask offers some protection (against COVID – or any other airborne disease, for that matter) to the wearer – and to other people around the wearer – it’s the right and polite thing to do. 

She might be interested to know that in Japan – a culture known for its politeness – people who eat garlic wear a mask just to protect others from the smell of garlic!

Barbara Moline

Sister Bay, Wisconsin