Letter to the Editor: West Side Story

The west side development area is ripe with opportunity. I envision a shanty village with a variety of small retail shops, ranging from a cozy coffee shop like, 5th and Jefferson, to a specialty deli/convenience shop like Marchants, or Main Street Market, a Hometown pub, like Neighborhood Pub, or Kitty O’Reillys, maybe a candy shop, and a couple specialty shops that sell unique items with a Door County twist.

The idea is to have these stores set up in a row, connected with a common area running along the front of them, with enough room for tables, maybe a gas fireplace, and comfy lounging chairs. This area could be rustic with wooden floors, and have a wall of sliding glass doors facing the beautiful tug boats and waterfront. People could stop and shop and stay and visit.

Outside of the sliding glass doors would be a deck running the same length as the inside common area for the summer. People could have their morning coffee, breakfast, midday lunch, evening dinner and drinks, and enjoy the beautiful sites. The area between the structure and the waterfront could be beautifully landscaped and made friendly for children.

One step further would be to connect a Boutique Hotel to the west side of the retail structure. Having the two of the entities connected would benefit both of them.

This could become a special destination for out-of-town visitors, and very importantly, people from the county who want a special place to visit, and during a winter like this … I know I would seek it out!

Greg DavidsonSturgeon Bay, Wis.