Letter to the Editor: What Active Shooter?

In reading Richard Woldt’s letter today, I have to ask what he was getting at. It is disjointed at best and ends with statements with which I take issue. Although his career summary is interesting, his conclusions do not follow.

This country is fed up with gun toting, gun loving and gun lust over weapons that apparently are more loved than human life. I have come to believe that some gun owners would sacrifice their first-born over giving up guns. No other country on this planet has the same issue we do, and we have done nothing to safeguard lives. 

The NRA owns the White House, the Senate and the House. When we stood idly by and did nothing after babies were murdered at Sandy Hook, our country took a downturn. The NRA won that battle and every other shooter incident thereafter. And, Richard, I am not a misguided internet junkie, whatever that is.

We have an issue in this country with angry white males who apparently feel they must act out their simmering hatred, fueled by a POTUS who has opened the door wider to act on their anger. And Richard, this country was founded upon a belief in religious freedom. Your comment about a “normally God-fearing Christian country” is misguided. We are a melting pot of religious practices – and gladly so because diversity makes us stronger if we work to accept and tolerate differences.

You, sir, can take that to the GOP convention. 

And stop with the “God bless Donald Trump.” The God I know may forgive him and love him, but Donald’s words and actions defy what I know to be a Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Unitarian, atheist, Hindu, agnostic or otherwise religious/spiritual practice.

Kathy Wagner

Sister Bay, Wisconsin