Letter to the Editor: What Are They Afraid Of?

Republicans of the Wisconsin State Assembly want to silence the voices of the citizens they represent. Gerrymandering the voting-district maps apparently has not given our Legislature enough power. Now they want us to just shut up and get out of their way. They apparently know what’s best; they don’t need or want to hear from the folks they claim to represent. And that means they don’t want you or me giving them any advice. 

In a blatantly unconstitutional and certainly undemocratic move, Wisconsin Republican legislators have proposed Assembly Bill 245 (AB 245), which includes a provision that bans advisory referenda at the municipal or county levels.

The party that claims to be all about freedom wants to take away our freedom to be heard via the advisory referendum. They want to muscle you and me. Our opinions are a nuisance: a speed bump on the road to Republican False Freedom.

If AB 245 passes, our freedom to peacefully and safely petition our government will be severely limited. Our voices will be squelched. Republican legislators want to add yet another brick to the wall of autocracy that they are trying so hard to build around our democracy.

Please contact Rep. Joel Kitchens to urge him to vote no on AB 245. His office phone number is 608.266.5350. His email address is [email protected].

Mike Brodd
Sister Bay, Wisconsin