Letter to the Editor: Whittling

The more mature I get, the more life whittles away at me. First, it was my hearing. I find myself saying, “Pardon me” often. 

Recently, I gave myself a self eye exam in Baileys Harbor, the town where I live, on the signage of the new building in town. I sat across the street with my pickleboard paddle and covered each eye and got every letter. 

I had a friend fly his plane up recently. He asked me, “When did you get the new candy store in town?” I said, “How did you know?” He said, “I saw the sign as I flew over.” 

Controversy has engulfed this small hamlet over the size of the signage. I think the world of the owners. I have a suggestion on a possible solution. Instead of the word “candy,” have a local artist paint a mural of different candy – or kayaks. Everyone loves a good mural. 

Pete Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin