Letter to the Editor: Who Are We?

Is anyone else tired of what is happening in our country? Beware of those who use fear and guilt in their quest to bring their own version and interpretation of what is happening, sound familiar? This is a common use for this president. In two years he has managed to drive a wedge between family, friends and fellow citizens. His fear mongering has led to children and families locked in cages, federal workers not being paid, our government at a standstill and an all out  assault on our environment just to name a few. Is this making us great?

When does our moral duty to our fellow man and our country happen?  Is it time to stand up and say enough and start to call and write our representatives and senators and say stop this madness? Because if this continues next time you are up for election we will vote you out. It appears it is up to us the “common” man to make this country better, more human and a country to be proud of. At one time our country stood for justice, fairness, compassion and democracy for all, we must demand that again, but if we do nothing, I believe things will only get worse.

Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wis.