Letter to the Editor: Who Is Ron Johnson?

For those that don’t follow politics, he’s one of two United States Senators that represents Wisconsin in Washington D.C. Senator Johnson is serving in his first term. Johnson beat Russ Feingold.

Feingold held the office for 18 years. He had his time, and what did he do in those three six-year terms? His one defining piece of legislation, the McCain-Feingold Act, had most of it repealed or declared unconstitutional. Feingold was never thought highly enough by his colleagues to be appointed a major committee chairman in all those 18 years. And now he is running again. Why?

Senator Johnson is the Chairman of the all-important Homeland Security Committee. We all know about the threat of terrorism from Islamic extremists. We have seen numerous beheadings, people burned alive, and most recently shootings across the ocean as well as incidents of violence in this country. The importance of this committee and the work Senator Johnson is doing cannot be overlooked.

The May 21-27, 2015 issue of Madison’s free Isthmus newspaper had an article printed about Russ Feingold. Keep in mind this is hardly a conservative Republican paper. In it, the author Alan Talaga states, “Feingold is far to the left of the majority of Wisconsinites…” That being said, do we really want a re-tread that extreme representing us in Washington, another career politician? I say not when we have a real citizen/businessman with job-creating experience doing a fine job like Ron Johnson.


Keith Best

Waukesha, Wis.

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